Tired of talking with your co-workers about the weather and what they did at the weekend? Why not talk about things that really matter? There are many tools to help Christians share the good news of Jesus Christ.



The Alpha Course in the workplace

Alpha in the Workplace uses the same content as the
Alpha course. Alpha in the Workplace is a 15-session practical introduction to the Christian faith. However, there are a few key differences.

Alpha in the Workplace meetings are usually shorter than church-based sessions due to time constraints. Groups often meet before or after work, or during the lunch break.

The Alpha talks are shortened so the meeting time can be held within an hours lunch break.

There is no worship during Alpha in the Workplace, with the exception of the Weekend/Day Away.

The book 'Alpha – Questions of Life' should be given to each guest.

Because there is less time to get to know guests socially, Alpha in the Workplace teams usually need to make a special effort to build relationships and be more proactive in integrating guests into a local church.

Determining a location for your course may require permission from someone in a position of authority at your place of work.

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