We may follow a pattern of regular prayers at a time of our choosing, in conjunction with passages from the Bible. However, the Bible shows us that we can pray to God at any time, in any place, and for any reason.


Prayer is human communication with God. If we look through any section of Psalms in our Bible it is apparent that we are reading a collection of song-prayers. Many were written by David and it is clear that he prayed to God at all times, whatever situation he was in. He prayed thanks when all was going well and for help and guidance when he was in trouble. It encourages us to speak to our Lord regularly and often.

All it takes is perhaps a few words, at other times something more expansive.  Occasionally the scent of a flower or an unexpected pleasant surprise can spark an instant prayer of thanks. Similarly, when things suddenly seem to be going wrong, a plea for help can spring forth.


The important thing is that we talk to our Lord. He has accepted us as his children because of his son, our saviour, Jesus Christ. So we speak to him as our father, with all due reverence but with that special privileged openness permitted a dear child. That is one reason why he created Adam, and subsequently all of us. He has someone to talk with and listen to. He loves to listen to us and answer us in his own special way. And if it has been a while since you really prayed that’s fine, be the new prodigal, come back and speak to God today. Make your Father happy.


Jim Finch
m2o Church Rugby - St. Matthew & St. Oswald

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