We all need a little help along the way at some point in our lives, and a request for a little guidance in the way we deal with a situation is always considered by our Lord. Perhaps there is someone who needs the Lord’s help with combating illness, or family who need comforting. We know that whatever the request He will listen and handle all things as He sees best.

Some years ago I wanted to go to India to see tigers in the wild and had the money to do so. But that would leave me rather short of savings and I had just been put out of work. Within seven days I had received three items of unsolicited mail all inviting me to see or find out more about tigers. I chose to believe that was a sign that I could go and I’ve never regretted doing so. But things are not often quite that clear cut. Sometimes it takes quite a while to give us a definite answer, the situation has to be right at the time the answer comes.


I know and have heard of many more dramatic answers to prayer for assistance and, no doubt, many of you could recall important moments from the past. Simply put your thoughts before the Lord and trust Him to answer them in His own way. And don’t forget to say thank you whether the answer is exactly as you hoped, or just they way our Lord felt was right for you.


Jim Finch
m2o Church Rugby - St. Matthew & St. Oswald.

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