I'm still thinking about saying thanks to the Lord, but also moving on to asking for forgiveness for all the things I do wrong – even though I try not to.


I’m sure we all find ourselves having to ask His forgiveness fairly regularly, but hopefully you do a bit better than me. With the best will in the world I can’t stop wrong thoughts coming to mind as I go through each day. Unkind thoughts about someone who does or says something I judge to be wrong – especially when I’m driving!

And the things we say. How often do we make an unkind comment about someone or something we see, which the other party is not aware of? Too often I suspect. Or we bend the truth, telling ourselves it is for the benefit of the person we are speaking to. I’ve known some who will make up a story during conversation just to make themselves look good. I’ve joked with a friend about someone we both know, and although it’s never meant nastily it can still be unkind.


Then there are the things we do, that on reflection, we know we shouldn’t have done. Hopefully nothing major, but funny how when you think back through your life those things you’d rather forget keep coming to mind, don’t they?


So finally we admit there was something we should have done really, but we found an excuse not to do it. We just end up feeling a bit guilty later, and we still stand by our excuse!


So we’ve asked for forgiveness for all our mistakes that day. And I hope it was only one or two, I’m sure we all try to keep it to a minimum. Then the Lord, with his wonderful grace and mercy, will grant our request and invite us to try to do a little better the next day.


Now we need to say thank you again don’t we? We start tomorrow with a clean sheet, no demerits, no blots, so let’s see how we go shall we? I’ll be trying hard, will you? Good luck.


Jim Finch
m2o Church Rugby - St. Matthew & St. Oswald

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