How was 2013 for you?  Do you look back on it as a year best forgotten, or as a year for celebration?  Or perhaps just a year of "more of the same".
How do you look forward to 2014?
The introduction to Psalm 102 in the New Living Translation describes the Psalm as "A prayer of one overwhelmed with trouble, pouring out problems before the Lord".
Of course the Lord loves to hear our praise and thanks, but I'm sure that he is just as concerned to hear about our troubles and problems.
In the Psalm the writer expresses his misery touching many aspects of his life - but, whatever our current situation, we can rejoice with the psalmist as he expresses his confidence in God's over-riding love and care, as he says:
"But you are always the same, you will live forever"  (v.27).
So as we enter 2014 we can join in the confidence of the psalmist with the words of the old CSSM chorus:
"Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same,
All may change, but Jesus never,
Glory to his Name".
May you know the peace, joy and love of the Lord throughout the coming year.
John Wedlake

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