Love Work Live Life
David oliver

In our place of work where we fulfil "God's purpose" for our life? Are we in the right job or place of work?

This book challenges what we believe, what we preach, the language we use and the way we behave in an effort to change our thinking about how we view the world of work.

David Oliver helps the reader explore ways to bring passion and vibrant spiritaulity to our work, whatever it is, making it a place which resonates with a sense of purpose and destiny.


Work - Prison or Place of Destiny
David Oliver

Do we regard our place of work as a prison?
Is our place of work where we fulfil God's purpose for our life?
Should Church leaders consider returning to work?
Is full-time ministry a heresy?

This book is for every working man, woman and church leader; to challenge what we believe, what we preach, the language we use and the way we behave and to help us bring about a change in 'doing church' - where the church supports its workers as well as the workers of the church.

David Oliver is an associate director of the Marketing Guild and senior partner of 'Insight Marketing'. He conducts seminars for business and church leaders in the UK and abroad.


God at Work
Ken Costa

In God at Work, Ken Costa writes about how the Christian faith should and can be lived out in day to day life at work.

As a high profile banker in the City of London, he considers the challenges of living out his faith at work and speaks openly of his own struggles with ambition, money, relationships, success and failure.

By using the Biblical principles that underpin his faith and applying them to the 21st century workplace of today he offers practical advice on tackling the common problems familiar to many: the work-life balance, stress, ambition, failure and disappointment.

Real-life case studies of actual ethical dilemmas encountered in the business world show how people have sought to cope in the modern world by the difficult process of following the leading of the Holy Spirit in the whole of their lives.

The book provides down to earth advice for all who struggle to apply their faith and encourages them to take it to work every day.

God at Work is not only for those already engaged in the exciting challenge of living out their Christian faith at work, but also for those exploring the bigger questions of life who would describe themselves as sympathetic to Christianity, but not quite as shareholders.


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